The Power of Five


five_tnSometimes all it takes is one small step, or just a series of small steps to make a difference. You can show your support for Anhoni’s work in five disarmingly easy ways:

1. Buy the e-book. It’s just $5. That’s half a movie ticket. Or a really overpriced cup of coffee. Either way, it’s cheap.

2. Tell 5 people you know about the book, and then encourage them to tell 5 others. You know at least 5 people, right?

3. Review All Good Things Die In L.A. on Smashwords by either giving it a star-rating (it’s only 1 click of your mouse!) or writing a quick 1-2 line review. Something like “This is the best thing since sliced bread! Read it now!” or “Mark Twain would read this and weep!” would do nicely.

4. Post the e-book on your Facebook page, write a quick status update extolling its virtues or send a Twitter update about how awesome Anhoni Patel is. And if you’re a real technorati, you can also give the book some love on StumbleUpon or Digg. They don’t call it social networking for nothin’ honey – you got to work it.

5. Change your email signature to one of the following:

a. The novel All Good Things Die In L.A. is better than any cake you have ever eaten. Read it now on Smashwords!

b. The novel All Good Things Die In L.A. will make you believe in baby unicorns. Read it now on Smashwords and feel the magic!

c. My friend wrote this crazy book about how insane L.A. is. It’s pretty awesome. You should check it out on Smashwords.

See? It’s all so simple. And if you do all five, you get a gold star. Plus an author’s undying love.

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